Hello my name is Dr. Peter Martone (Dr. Sleep Right) I am the inventor of the Neck Nest. The neck nest is a pillow that is designed to help reverse the damaging effects of our modern day lifestyle. The our forward head posture that occurs from staring at our computer screen is damaging our spines causing neck and back pain. The damage has to be reversed at night while you are sleeping.

It is very important to have a pillow that is designed to support your NECK not your HEAD and to use it correctly.

By using a pillow correctly you will not only be able to sleep the whole night with out tossing and turning but you will also reverse the damaging effects of prolonged computer work and improve your posture.

It is crazy to me how much people will spend on a bed but they will buy a $10 pillow from Walmart. Your pillow is way more important when it comes to getting a good nights sleep than your bed is. You see if you put your body in a neutral sleeping position you will be dispersing your weight over the greatest surface area decreasing pressure points that cause pain while sleeping.


Take a second to review actual Neck Nest users X-rays. Use the normal cervical X-ray below for comparison







Sleeping on your back and putting a pillow under your neck helping to restore and maintain a proper cervical curve is one of the most important health habits that you can do on a regular basis. I do it EVERY night and it has gotten rid of my back, neck and shoulder pain I used to live with.

Start living pain free by sleeping with a pillow under you neck.

It definitely takes some getting used to but just start 1 – 2 hours per night and go from there.

Sleep Tight,

Dr Sleep Right

Neck Nest Facts

  • Material: Shell 100% Cotton Fill Feather Fiber
  • Pillow Case 100% Polyester or 100% Cotton Cover
  • Produced in China